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Interessante ricevitore HF all -mode .

Completo di AM sincrona e tastierino per l'immissione diretta delle frequenze.

Elettricamente perfetto, qualche graffio sul coperchio.

The Lowe HF-225 follows on the success of the HF-125, and has been designed specifically to fulfill the requirements of the dedicated shortwave listener or DX enthusiast. Its ability to perform on a crowded band with strong adjacent stations is one of its major strengths. The HF-225 is easy to use with controls being simple and sensible. Continuous coverage from 30 kHz to 30 MHz is provided in AM, USB, LSB and CW modes. The optional D-225 adds FM narrow mode and synchronous AM. Unlike other receivers the HF-225 comes complete with a comprehensive range of bandwidths:  2.2 kHz for SSB (and AM ECSS), 4, 7 and 10 kHz for AM reception. A 200 Hz audio filter is included for the CW listener. Tuning is accomplished through the use of 1 MHz UP/DOWN buttons and a multi-speed main tuning knob with recessed finger hole. Direct frequency entry is available with the optional KPAD-1 keypad controller. Thirty memories store your favorite stations. Antenna jacks are provided for either a PL-259 (50 ohm) or single wire (600 ohm). Jacks are provided for headphones, record out, speaker, 12 VDC power and optional keypad. The Lowe HF-225 provides elegant simplicity without sacrificing performance. Made in England.

The special edition Lowe HF-225 Europa version provides optimized features and performance for the demanding DX'er. It looks virtually the same as the HF-225 but features the following enhancements:
• The IF filter bank has been changed to include higher specification filters.
• Resulting filter values include: 2.2 kHz, 3.5 kHz, 4.5 kHz and 7.0 kHz.
• Filter chokes have been replaced by quality magnetically shielded chokes.
• Filter selection diodes are now replaced by low capac. switching diodes.
• Filter select decoupling capacitors are bypassed by new "chip" capacitors.
• The D-225 FM & Synchronous AM detector are factory installed.
• The K-225 wired keypad is provided.

Frequency Range........ 30 kHz - 30 MHz
Intermediate Freqs..... 1st IF = 45 MHz, 2nd IF = 455 kHz
Modes.................. AM, LSB, USB, CW.
Tuning Increment....... 8 Hz,  50 Hz
Sensitivity............ 0.5 µV SSB 2-30 MHz.
Selectivity............ 2.2 kHz	 2.3 kHz -6 dB
                        4.0 kHz	 5.9 kHz -6 dB
                        7.0 kHz	 8.8 kHz -6 dB
                        10  kHz	10.5 kHz -6 dB
Stability.............. < ±30 Hz in 1 hour typical
Antenna Jack........... SO-239 50 Ohm, Terminals 600 Ohm
Distortion............. < 1% THD all modes
Output Power........... 1.6W 8 ohms 5% THD 
Power Required......... Internal battery (optional) or 12 VDC
Dimensions............. 10 x 4 x 8.3 inches (253x109x204mm)
Weight................. 4.2 lbs. (1.9 kg)  

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